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B-2 Visitor Visa


If you are traveling to the US as a tourist ineligible to travel under the VWP, you will require a valid B-2 visa.


  • Are coming to the United States solely for pleasure or for medical treatment, and not for other reasons;
  • Plan to stay for a limited, specific period of time;
  • Have a residence outside the United States as well as other binding ties that will assure your return home after your visit;
  • Have permission to enter a foreign country) at the end of your U.S. stay; and
  • Have the financial means to pay for your visit to and departure from the United States.

B-2 Visa for Medical Treatment 

You have received a particular medical diagnosis from a local physician, which requires treatment in the United States;

A physician or medical facility in the United States is willing to treat this ailment; and

The cost of transportation, treatment and all medical-related expenses have been estimated and someone will take responsibility for covering them.

Length of Visa

You may be granted a duration of stay up to a period of one year. The majority of approved visits are authorized for shorter periods between 6 months and one year. You may request an extension of stay. Extensions of stay can be granted in increments of up to six months.



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