Moving Your Business to the United States

Many of our clients come to us in the beginning stages of moving their business to the US. Whether you are starting a new business, buying an existing one, or creating a new branch of an established one, there are many areas that require attention. Read below for some of these :

  • Where to expand? There are fifty United States, and many factors may influence your decision. Which sector is your business in? What will be the cost to set up operations in an urban versus rural area? Do you need to think about proximity to a key supplier or a specific type of work force?
  • Time frame. Obviously a business cannot be opened overnight. But how long do you expect to get things moving? And who do you need to speak with before setting this?
  • Hiring employees. Will you be taking some trusted employees with you? Or hiring local employees onsite? Will you require full-time, part-time or contract employees?
  • Professional advice. The best tool for a smooth transition is a collection of experts to research, plan and answer your questions. This includes :
    • Real estate agents for locating office space
    • Immigration counsel to help you plan which visa options best suit your situation, as well as any foreign employees you wish to work in the US
    • A US accountant to advise you on tax issues, prepare your US taxes and apply for an EIN (please see the IRS Checklist for Starting a Business here)
    • A business lawyer to register or incorporate your new business, and apply for any relevant state and local licenses and permits
    • Insurance to cover your premises and any professional indemnity cover you may require

To speak with one of our experienced US Immigration Lawyers regarding visa options for moving your business to the US, please call +44 (0)203 102 7966