New Year, New You : Get Started on your Visa Application or Petition the Right Way

With all of the new years resolutions out there right now, who needs one more tick on their to-do list? The gyms are packed, the fridge is filled with healthy foods, and the bedside table is stacked with books that you will finish this year.

One of the best resolutions is to get a start on your US immigration petition or application. In order to do this, we urge potential clients to speak with an Immigration Lawyer in order to aide them in understanding the process and timeline. Sometimes our most independent clients wish that they had spoken with us before beginning the planning - an hour long consultation can make all of the difference in how to set up your plan for accomplishing a major feat in 2016 : a successful move to the United States.

In order to speak with an experienced US Immigration Lawyer about booking a consultation, please call us on +44(0)203 102 7966 or email us at