The E-2 Treaty Investor Visa and Low Overheads

When applying for an E-2 treaty investor visa, a common question arises - my company is small, how can I show substantial investment? This is often echoed by Consultants and those who work in IT. US embassies and consulates will take into account the type of business you are starting (and the area where it will be located) when determining whether you have met the threshold of substantial investment. And a good US Immigration Lawyer can guide you through tips for how and where to spend your money in setting up your US business. Here are some of our favourite bits of advice we often give these clients:

 - Pay a full year's rent up front. Typically in an E-2 application, any monthly outgoings are limited to one month's worth. But if you pay the year's rent in full, the total amount is used instead.

- Hire professionals. Every business can benefit from professional help in areas such as tax and legal. Hiring a CPA to take care of the first year's taxes or a local Corporate Lawyer to advise you on what type of business structure you should opt for can save you money and time in the future. A Broker can help those who want to purchase an existing business (or start a new one) and do the research for you of what type and where best meet your needs.

- Count travel costs. All relevant business costs should be included so if you have made multiple trips to meet with suppliers and clients, check out the area and otherwise set up the business, all of these travel receipts should be included in the application.


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