What is Global Mobility: Celsium Global Mobility Solutions

What is Global Mobility and Employee Relocation?

Co-founder & Relationship Director, Shelley Lloyd, details this in her below video regarding Celsium and its services:


Shelley began her career in the relocation industry as Global Supply Chain Manager for a European RMC seven years ago, and quickly built strong relationships with clients and the supply chain community.

Celsium was founded in 2015 when they saw a gap in the market. After months of market research, Celsium identified the biggest challenges faced by HR when delivering employee relocation services and how to solve them.

Shelley’s personal core values of integrity, respect and empathy are the building blocks of how Celsium operates and interacts with every single person involved in the relocation process. Celsium specialises in Global Supply Chain Management and Global Account Implementation, with customer service being their top priority.

Shelley brings her unique, personal approach and very British sense of humour, to ensure that Celsium always focuses on bringing the human element to relocation. 


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