UK Exporters in a Post-Brexit World

This week City AM wrote about how British Businesses should look to the American Dream in Post-Brexit world. The pound falling in value has created an increase in US demand for UK products. And that is a very good thing for those British businesses who are looking to expand into the US. 

Does your business export more than 50% of its international goods or services to the US? Then it may be eligible for an E-1 treaty trader visa, where businesses from treaty trader nations like the UK are able to set up US branches. 

If you do not meet the 50% threshold, other potential visa options are the E-2 treaty investor visa, or the L-1 new office intracompany transfer visa. Or your company may be eligible for more than one visa category - in which case, sitting down with a US Immigration Lawyer to learn which is the right way to go should be your first step. 

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