UCI Para-Cycling Track World Championship Announced in LA March 2017: What Visa is Required?

It was announced this week that the UCI Para-cycling Track World Championship competition would be held in Los Angeles from March 2nd-5th 2017. Given that this is only 7 weeks away, athletes will be rushing to get their US visas. 

UK athletes are not able to travel under ESTA (visa-waiver) as an athlete for a sports event. If the athlete is competing in a tournament or sporting event for which they will receive no salary or payment from a US source, other than prize money, they will require a B-1 visa.

Relevant athletes will need to act very quickly in order to secure their visas in time. Visa appointments at the US embassy will be required. 

If you require further advice on this matter, or any other US visas for athletes, please contact our office: