Married to an American and Living in the UK?

There are plenty of UK citizens who are married to US citizens and currently living in the United Kingdom. Maybe you are engaged and planning your fabulous wedding. Perhaps over the holiday season you visited the in-laws/in-laws to be in the US, or even scoped it out as a place you hope to move to now or in the near future?

Do I qualify for Permanent Residency (Green Card) Based on my Marriage to a US Citizen?

If you are married to a US citizen and are not inadmissible to the US, you may qualify for a marriage-based green card. Inadmissibility grounds include, but are not limited to, a criminal record involving a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT). It is strongly advised that you speak with an experienced immigration lawyer if you have a criminal record or have overstayed in the US.

If you are engaged, you may either wait until you are married or apply for a K-1 fiance visa. Further information on this type of visa and discussing the pros and cons of either can be obtained in a consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer.

How do I Apply for a Green Card?

If you are both residing in the UK, you need not file your petition in the US, you can file the petition for immediate relative (I-130) with the London field office. London are also currently processing I-130 applications fairly quickly, which is good news. Upon receiving an approval notice, you will then need to prepare for your interview at the embassy itself. This involves filing the DS-260, gathering documentation and scheduling your medical and interview appointments.

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